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2011 16-Nov-11 Energy self-sufficiency plan for Isle of Wight revealed (Chris Coneybeer) 24-Oct-11 IBM 60 Second Social - Red Funnel (not me!) 14-Jun-11 IBM at 100: From Typewriters to the cloud 5-May-11 WebSphere MQ Telemetry 2010 15-Mar-10 The Internet of Things 8-Apr-10 Andy Stanford-Clark (Island Business) 3-Aug-10 Red Funnel - Enhancing customer service with Twittering ferries 14-Sep-10 Dr Andy Stanford-Clark talks sustainability and technology at the IBM Summit at Start 2009 24-Jun-09 Computer Whiz Creates a Twitter House 7-Sep-09 Andy Stanford-Clark talks to David Rowan Part 1 8-Sep-09 Andy Stanford-Clark talks to David Rowan Part 2 22-Nov-09 IBM's Andy Stanford-Clark uses existing technology to solve every day problems 2008 2-Sep-08 The house that twitters (Karl Roche) 8-Oct-08 how to be a twitter power user! (Epic Fu) 29-Nov-08 HomeCamp08 Keynote